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Technical Analysis: The Arguments For And Against

There are many techniques in forecasting trends these days for stock trading; one that has been around for a number of years is technical analysis. This works by analyzing certain trends; including time period and volume, though mainly focuses on pricing in reference to these. A very complex process in many respects, it tends to center around charts, graphs and dot references.
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Candlestick Trading For the Enjoyment of It

Many new traders are finding out what many experienced traders already know…trading stocks with candlesticks is not only profitable but enjoyable as well. Many a new trader has studied the craft of technical analysis and found themselves lost in all the indicators, patterns, trend lines...
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WYN – Wyndham 10 day Candlestick Chart

WYN 10 day/15min Heres a good look at the chart of Wyndham today. You can see that it has broken its short term uptrend, but the longterm trend is in place, as it has only moved down a few cents and the rsi is getting...
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