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Trading Trick using Daily and Hourly Chart NFLX

This template allows us to see, real-time, volume confirmation on smaller time frames. We love volume coming into a stock thru the pivot price. In this example on NFLX, you can really see the volume surge. source Tags: Candlestick Charts, Charting Strategies
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The Japanese Chart of Charts by Seiki Shimizu

Product Description: First guide to introduce candlesticks to the West. Full discussion of chart patterns for longer term analysis with trading methods using each pattern. The Japanese Bible of candlesticks now translated and ready to use. Learn how these charts have been used for centuries...
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Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts

Product Description Following in the footsteps of author Thomas Bulkowski?s bestselling Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns?and structured in the same way?this easy-to-read and -use resource takes an in-depth look at 103 candlestick formations, from identification guidelines and statistical analysis of their behavior to detailed trading tactics....
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