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This is a charting lesson on support and resistance.

6 thoughts on “Reading your chart part 2


    Thank You for Your? great kindness (^_^)!

  2. icrvchalam says:

    This is a good explanation of identifying resistance, support and mark? them with lines. Also your illustration on how to identify the next target when price breaks it is also good.


    It maybe easier for you to find some other? videos that better suits what you are seeking. Good luck with that and I wish You all of life’s best………

  4. peopleonsale says:

    I would like to watch your videos but I find it? very confusing that you use green for down bars and pink for up.


    No that would be a counter trend trade. When You take a counter trend trade, look at how much distance you have from your trend line as? well as the strength of your candlestick reversal signal (^_^)

  6. mcraw0144 says:

    Are you? really going in harmony with the trend, if your intentions on trading the reversal pattern?

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