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www.candlecharts.com If you’re new to candlesticks, this video will be helpful to see how you can use very basic candlestick charts to see opportunities in the market. This episode of Highlights is presented by Gary Ender, a Nison Certified Trainer and professional trader. For more information, go to www.candlecharts.com
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2 thoughts on “Steve Nison’s Highlights Newsletter: Basic Candlestick Size & Shape

  1. buddybeachboy says:

    If you watch 1 minute charts and use 2-3 reversal candle patterns along with support and resistance? it works like a charm. This is great info. Thanks

  2. InquiareOnly says:

    This is nuts. If you view candle sticks from any other chart you will not see this exact pattern.
    The only way you can judge the forex market is by price.
    The only thing that you can bet on is human emotion.
    Use your own mind and research this market. There are no magical formulas only logical trends that most five year olds can see.
    This guy is a profiter and only? wants you ignorant money.

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