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9 thoughts on “RENKO VS RANGE

  1. macrovector2 says:

    Hi Andersxman,
    My answer to that would be? no.

  2. Andersxman says:

    Hi Macrovector – thanks. I understand very clearly that there is no? such thing as one minute Range Bar. My question relates to the underlying data used to render the range bars. Many times the ONLY data that is available on a chart server is the 1 minute Open High Low Close data because storing tick-data for all instruments for all time is not feasible (too much data). The question is: can range bars be “good enough” if based on 1 minute OHLC and NOT tick data?

  3. macrovector2 says:

    By definition, Range bars are strictly price? driven. There is no such thing as a one minute Range Bar. Once the set range requirement of the bar is reached, the first tick outside that range starts a new bar.

  4. Andersxman says:

    Hello. Are your range bars based on A) 1 minute OHLC data or B) tick data?

    It makes a difference for range bars, I would say – becuase a green candle where the LOW is? formed AFTER the HIGH based on TICKS would result in different range bars than the SAME candle had it been formed (as normally expected) with the LOW forming BEFORE the HIGH.

  5. macrovector2 says:

    The Renko bars come with NT7. They are right there? to use.

  6. global092 says:

    Where have you obtained your Renko Bars from for Ninja Trader please? I also take? it they are for NT7! Cheers & thanks

  7. macrovector2 says:

    The Renko bars are set? to 2 Renko

  8. Steve says:

    you will find them (Renko) in almost all good trading and charting platforms

  9. DJtraderAU says:

    What period have you set your Renko bars at??

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