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Candlestick Charting – Vol 12 – Piercing Pattern
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18 thoughts on “Candlesticks – Vol 12 – Piercing Pattern

  1. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi Bradley,
    Candlestick patterns do apply to the forex markets, as they do to all markets which offer sufficient liquidity to ensure smooth price flow. As to “does this work”, well it depends what you mean by “work”.? It’s an analysis tool, not a strategy!
    Lance Beggs

  2. bradleytong says:

    does? this work with forex

  3. bobcatnation12 says:

    Nice work and? great vids!

  4. sivan227 says:

    nice videos. I learnt more things from your class.i hope? i’ll success and make profit. Thank you.

  5. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi drshoals100,
    Glad to hear you enjoyed the candlestick trading vids.
    No… candlesticks are not the only way to trade. They’re just a tool. It’s like saying, wow, guitar is cool but is it the only way to make music? No. There’s a whole other world out there of Technical Analysis tools and methods. Where do? I start in explaining it in YouTubes 500 characters??? Just start with a google search for a few hours, or a book such as Trading for a Living, by Alexander Elder.

  6. drshoals100 says:

    Wow. I just feel like I understand now how much money is being traded in the world. I work with hundreds of people at my job. Not once have I heard them talk about this stuff. The knowledge of a real investor is very valuable in the determination of how much wealth you can establish over a certain period of time. Question?? If candle stick is not the only way to read the stock market, what else are other ways? U answer that and I am your fan for life….. no homo!!!

  7. YourTradingCoach says:

    Thanks zulkifliayob,
    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the videos.
    All the best with your trading,
    Lance Beggs

  8. zulkifliayob says:

    Hi Lance,
    Starting today onward, I’ll be your loyal subscriber on YT, webpage & newsletter ;p. Finally I find something more useful and? greater than most of my 97 systems.
    Thanks for your effort and priceless time.
    Zulkifli Ayob

  9. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi rexx33,
    Thanks for your great feedback. Much appreciated.
    I absolutely have no doubt that I do get? back more than I give.
    Happy trading,

  10. rexx33 says:

    You are a great teacher! I hope that you get back what you give..?

  11. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi Jugdesi,
    I actually don’t know of? any charting software that doesn’t provide candlesticks. They all should.

  12. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi dgmoocher,

    Cool. Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad to hear you? enjoyed the candlestick video series.

    All the best with your trading,

  13. dgmoocher says:

    Love? the series, it makes so much more sense now!

  14. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi pokermon919,

    Thanks for? your feedback. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed the candlestick vids.

    All the best with your trading,

  15. pokermon919 says:

    Hey TradingCoach,
    Love the way you teach candlesticks, you make it simple and easy to understand. Thank you for? making these videos!

  16. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi chatowngeek,
    Thanks for your comments. I’m glad to hear that you’re finding value in merging my material with Steve Nison’s. Steve really is the candlestick ‘guru’. He has great stuff.

    There’s no problem with oscillators if they’re used right and are helping you enter & exit. It’s not the only way, but if it’s working for you, that’s great.? Keep it up.

    All the best,

  17. chatowngeek says:

    Hi? Lance,
    I really loved your way of coaching candle sticks. you did recomend Steve nison’s candlestick tutorial. I am watching his videos. Great recommendation. One thing I understood that just by following candle sticks I can’t confirm any trade. I have to use few other indicators(ADX,Stocastics,RSI) to confirm and entry and exit on a trade. Again merging your tutorial and SteveNison’s tutorial I can make a real difference on trading.

  18. ipctec says:


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