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Technical Analysis training course learning video part12 about the use of re-calculated heikin ashi candlestick charts first published by Dan valcu. Including the use of the heikin ashi re-calculated average closing price to be used as a smoothing indicator for the standard closing prices in different indicators and with the zero-lagging technique to limit the lagging of an average.

4 thoughts on “012 Heikin Ashi Candles Technical Analysis

  1. SylvainVervoort says:

    Sorry, but I do not know? think or swim…

  2. techwealth says:

    is there a way? to put the non lagging formula in think or swim?

  3. SylvainVervoort says:

    There is a basic heikin? ashi candles display available. This is called “Heiken Ashi.mq4”. Probably starting from this code you can add the average for haC. If there is time I may have a look and let you know here.

  4. Bridgesan000 says:

    Hi Sylvain is there a way to put? this formula in a MT4 indicator?

    haOpen:=(Ref((O+H+L+C)/4,-1) + PREV)/2;

    It will be a great help if you can!

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