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We’re learning the Heikin-Ashi candlestick charting technique/indicator in our latest installment of “Chart This!” with Gary Wagner of TheGoldForecast.com. The Heiken-Ashi method is often considered to be a “superior” kind of candlestick, and can be commonly found in many technical, futures trading strategies. Wagner takes us through it all in this follow-up to his previous technical charting lessons, and explains the Heikin-Ashi technique with clarity. Be on the look-out for our next lesson in charting the markets. Kitco News, July 19, 2012.
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16 thoughts on “How To Understand & Trade w/ Heikin-Ashi Candlestick Charts/Indicators: Chart This! w/ Gary Wagner

  1. anbuhaata says:

    I believe, that any trader have the option to? create their own method of many different forms, so I agree with you Gary, and I respect the way that you use to trade markets, see ya

  2. Gary Wagner says:

    Very true … just another indicator. but you get a lot of visual information quickly. Also true there’s no magic indicator.? Still I go to this chart type every day, and find no other chart type that gives such clarity

  3. anbuhaata says:

    It is just another indicator, thats all, of course is very helpful, if you dont know how to identify a trend, and there is not? a magical indicator or tool to operate markets,,,,,,,,,,

  4. k3mical13 says:

    Thanks Gary that was super? info; more of Gary please Kitco

  5. mclaren855 says:

    awesome,? thanks

  6. MrVocalBaby says:

    Great? vid, thank you!!

  7. TWSceptic says:

    Too bad NinjaTrader is? windows only, what a shame.

  8. brandonholsey says:

    Gary reminds me? of Chris Farley

  9. brandonholsey says:


  10. brandonholsey says:

    Great? info! Thanks Kico 😉

  11. Gary Wagner says:

    The platform is called NinjaTrader. As far as the drawings on the charts, I use a combination of tools … first some lines I hard code into charts. Then as I record I use drawing tools live. Lastly? I add call outs in production … I use Camtasia for both recording and production. Gary

  12. TWSceptic says:


  13. SpeakUpFightBack says:

    thank? you !!!!!

    i love these teaching/learning videos.

  14. SIR1CHIA says:

    @garywagner very good presentation. I thank you because I always wanted to? know this type of charting!

  15. hozair says:

    What platform are the charts? on? And what software did he use to draw the lines and circles?

  16. chessmaniacdotcom says:

    These are so good! Thanks for doing this.

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