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Learning The Stock Market With Stock Charts – Be A Success

Article by Dallas Hart

The stock market can be a joyful ride in the park or a car wreck, to put it lightly. One big mistake could cost you all your money and even cause you to go file bankruptcy. You feature is in your own hands when taking advantage of the stock market. Like anything in life if you do not know what you are doing things will not happen favorably. There are so many reasons on why you should learn the ends and outs on reading the stocks charts. Once you acquire the proper knowledge on reading stock chats you will know the best times to but you and sell stocks.

Like anything you have to have all the essentials in order to succeed. When you first learned to ride a bike you could not do it with no handlebars, could you? Well, the same thing applies to the stock market, you can’t learn this market without learning how to read these charts. As stated there are some great times to buy stocks and also good times to sell your shares.

Research Is Important, But Stock Charts Confirm Your Research

Ever heard someone say they can predict what stock is going to do just by looking at the stock charts? This is a huge misconception and if someone tells you that I wouldn’t believe them for a second. In fact, they probably don’t know what they are talking about. In is vital to know that understand these prices could react a different way based on the market.

Trends Tell A Lot, Don’t Look For Chart Patterns

I commonly see people trying to find chart patterns. They should be more concerned with finding trends. Trends do not lie and are based on facts rather than hopes and dreams. Do you think it is a wise investment to invest in something just because you have a good feeling about it. Be smart don’t just toss your money around. A good short term investor can find 2-3 good trends per week.

Resistance Levels and Support Levels

Heard of an imaginary line? These charts will consist of of one which corresponds to the resistance or support levels. This simply shows where the price is not supposed to descend from or rise above. This is a slope rather than a horizontal line. However, do keep in mind that these levels are being breached from time to time so you will need to find different support and resistance levels.

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