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21 thoughts on “Candlesticks – Vol 5 – Shooting Star

  1. tbiggs32 says:

    wow thanks for the great videos!?

  2. Mattoman501 says:

    Excellent video?

  3. 2029970322 says:


  4. hmt444 says:

    i understabd what you are trying to say ,
    thanks for answers,
    i guess it is? the problem of newbies to look for readymade soloution all the time ,
    i will contact thru website,
    thanks lance

  5. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi hmt444,
    Your focus is wrong. It’s? not about indicators. It’s about placing current price action into context.
    It’s hard to communicate via the YouTube comments section (with limited characters & inability to post links). Contact me via my website & I’ll forward a link that explains a little more about price action context.

  6. hmt444 says:

    thanks for the motivation,
    I have been? reading a lot about Indicators , what i found is that almost all are lagging indicators ,
    are there any leading indicators that you can suggest.
    thanks in advance.

  7. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi hmt444,
    There’s no stupid questions. I thought? the same thing when I first discovered candlesticks. 🙂

  8. hmt444 says:

    thanks for reply lance? ,
    kinda stupid beginner question.

  9. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi hmt444,
    Zero % chance! Serious. There’s a? lot more to this game than just the candlestick patterns.

  10. hmt444 says:

    i would like to now if one trades alone with knowledge of candlesticks? with placing stop loss , without any oscillators.
    what are the chances of the success.

  11. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi rituvruia,

    I’d recommend either “Secrets of Candlestick Charting” by Louise Bedford (very easy read) or “Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques”? by Steve Nison (much more indepth).

    Happy trading,

  12. rituvruia says:

    Thanks? for the video. Can you please suggest a good book to read on candlestick patterns.

  13. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hey everestmindz,

    Glad you liked the candlestick videos. Thanks for the? feedback.

    Cheers, & happy trading,

  14. everestmindz says:

    Thanks? for this.

  15. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi morgandrim,
    Sorry – can’t help. I’m not familiar with gnuTrade and haven’t ever use Spread Betting. You’re better off? asking gnuTrade.

  16. morgandrim says:

    Hi Lance, I don`t know if you can enlighten me. I play in gnuTrade, but as often as not I receive a message saying, “Sorry, Your transaction did not go through. Could not close spread bet. Please re – submit your trade ( – 1010 ).
    And? I ask myself, “What the F@”%* does that mean ?”
    Any ideas ?

  17. YourTradingCoach says:

    Thanks calanchin,

    Glad you liked it.


  18. calanchin77 says:

    Excellent? saga!

  19. weaamfahmy says:


  20. YourTradingCoach says:

    Hi Klauser10,

    Cool. Thanks for the great comment.
    ‘Pushy’ is not my style, so I don’t really plan to ever work that way.
    That being said, if (when) I decide to share my good stuff, it’ll definitely cost money. We live in a ‘value for value exchange’ world after all.

    PS. Be careful not to confuse hyped up products and pushy sales copy with low quality. While generally true, there may be some exceptions. (Can’t think of any right now though) ? 🙂

  21. klauser10 says:

    Really like your website.You’ve put a great deal of work there.but what? really got me was the fact that you are not pushing any products.That’s what really kept me interested.I understand you will probably sell a service in the future,whatever it is don’t push it, I actually checked the products page base on the good information I had just read/watch. Hope you stay real.. Again, thanks for all your help.

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