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  1. wisdom261 says:

    So when and where is the U.K lectures being held????? ? _?

  2. jredding933 says:

    Brother Polite is one of the only so called conscious speakers that speaks about what we should be doin now….And not debating on subjects that are outdated and irrelevant…..This brother has one of the keys and thats what I want to hear about.

  3. NoMoreAnimosity says:

    wow what a great family and working together as a collective.

  4. factsism11 says:

    @BlackSapphire8804 drug is the biggest problem & if not than wut is the main reason the youth wich is the future is out there on the corner doing?killing 4wut?selling 2who?we always had problems but it was never this bad until our streets was flooded with drugs than everything else fell apart but drugs was the gateway,the media isnt the reason drugs is in our community,ur the 1 thats insecure about ur man having another woman & sleeping around & being permiscuist & hating on other ppl marriage

  5. factsism11 says:

    @BlackSapphire8804 ur trying 2rebel against ur christian faith

  6. factsism11 says:

    @BlackSapphire8804 but they dont need u 2b happy 4them anyway but no1 is bitter except christians & u.

  7. factsism11 says:

    @BlackSapphire8804 him he is there by ”choice”thats wut love is,not a power struggle of letting some 1 do something or stopping them.the idea of 1”is also eurocentic mainstreambelief 2,just because 1woman & 1man are 2gether dont mean happiness & wut a man & a woman deserve is happiness,the thing that make me happy is how i am being treated so my point is love isnt the same 4every 1 & nor was it meant 2b & bro polight & his wives is a good example of that is there with themselves while ur not

  8. factsism11 says:

    @BlackSapphire8804 ur not forcing?was it me that commented 2u 1st or was it u that commented 2me?thats the hypocricy that most of u christians have & so wut im not against polygamy im also not against the other form & the only thing u seen me encourage was love & building & any 1 that read my comments will know that,,where did i say u should let ur man sleep with other woman?i said they have the frededom 2go or stay no 1 forces them just like its not u that let ur man do anything,u dont control

  9. BlackSapphire8804 says:

    First of all the media has f’d up our culture…drug addiction is just one of the many results.

    “mind polygamy like bitter woman who cant even keep? a man”.
    ….and there it is! You think you need a man to define you. I knew it!!!! You’ve just proved my point.
    That’s disgusting. Not that you should care, but I have no respect for anyone (including family & friends) who pass remarks like that. Commonly said by those who sleep with other peoples partners. Good luck and Goodbye.

  10. factsism11 says:

    @BlackSapphire8804 marriage is also man made & if not im still waiting 4u 2show me proof of where it came from just like im waiting 4u 2show me the solution 2wut is suppose 2happen 2the rest of the woman in the world being as tho woman out number men & how do white ppl benefit from us multiplying/polygamy America was a euopeans ”idea”& they teach against polygamy as well as u do & they were christians as well/supported the belief even in other white countries as well,they teach wut u do

  11. BlackSapphire8804 says:

    Does that mean that you too, are not spiritual?

  12. factsism11 says:

    @BlackSapphire8804 when did u judge them?u said it was a ”CON”.lol that was 2easy.show me in the new testament where they teach jesus is white,also how is it that i knew ur whole foundation was rooted in christianity?u know how i knew?ur forcefulness of ideas & concepts of marriage & the fact u put god in it,cos no spiritual group takes that approach except christans & catholics so wut highier conscious do u have?u sound just like them & its black christians who say christ is black also.

  13. BlackSapphire8804 says:

    What am I rebelling against now…come again?

  14. BlackSapphire8804 says:

    I’m not forcing anyone into anything. You are the one who is trying to encourage me to let my man have sex with other females. I’m not into that… so sue me.
    I’m just trying to let you know that you deserve the best. That you’re enough for a man. That you deserve to be his one and only. If that’s not what you want then who am I to argue. Do your thing and take care!

  15. BlackSapphire8804 says:

    I’m not judging them at all…what did I say…I said all religions are man made. That’s not a judgement it’s a FACT.
    Christianity teaches that Jesus was white, a proven lie – Fact.
    Don’t get it twisted I grew up in the church, many of my family run church’s.
    I have always had a high level of consciousness and something stopped me from going to church a long time ago. It’s only recently that I realized what the force was.

  16. factsism11 says:

    @BlackSapphire8804 mind polygamy like bitter woman who cant even keep a man or failing their own marriage but yet try 2force their ideas on others that are happy.DRugs is 1 of our major reasons why we are/have falling look at how it destroyed the community & i can give u planty of examps & thats a ”real problem not just a idea or bs opinion.

  17. BlackSapphire8804 says:

    Please excuse me…I assumed you were probably a highly sexed teenager when I saw that comment.
    It scares me that so many people use Gods name to cover up sins. I can’t believe that you’ve just encouraged a young lady to study sexual tantra, I find that very inappropriate for an elder to suggest.
    Anyway…I don’t follow Asian practices however, if one wants to indulge in this with their true love that’s all good, but when it becomes an orgy, it is crossing the line.

  18. factsism11 says:

    @BlackSapphire8804 1 way(my way is right ur way is wrong)thats wut christians/catholics run around telling the world all the time & u havent showed 2b any different from them but u hypocritically judge them & u are exactly like them wich show me the concepts u was raised on but pretend 2rebel against nor have u showed how nt 2commit to 1man is demeaning wut u impose isnt love just a idea that u try 2force on other ppl.wuts ”love”?wut isnt right is 2teach a girl she is demeaned cos she dont

  19. factsism11 says:

    @BlackSapphire8804 show where polygamy destroyed a family or race & show me where in history that it say say polygamy came from british,I’ll show u my facts as well just provide urs,& if the english dictionary dont give u the right definition 4the word moral than how do u know ur definition is the right 1?me bias?i dont speak against marriage weather its polygamy or not its u that try 2dictate 1 form of marriage just like the white roman catholics do but spiritual ppl never have 2dictateor impos

  20. BlackSapphire8804 says:

    You found God through sex? That’s very twisted!
    Anyway…only God can judge.
    If you research satanic practices you will find that multiple sexual partners is one of them.
    I can’t believe people are actually trying to get at me because I don’t believe in having multiple partners. Yes I am aware that I am young, but I find it incredible unnerving that the very people that I and other youngsters are supposed to look up to encourage such practices. This is truly the end times.

  21. BlackSapphire8804 says:

    I didn’t say polygamy was the reason for our downfall there are a number of reasons. Sexual promiscuity (which we have adapted from the British/ Europeans) is one of many. Polygamy is just a way of trying to justify the act. I’m sure many males would take up the opportunity to have sex with multiple females who know about each other, given the chance. There are also many men who appreciate a woman who respects herself, knows her worth and wont stand for 2nd, 3rd, 4th….best.

  22. BlackSapphire8804 says:

    I agree with you 100% there…love and building is exactly what we need. This isn’t love though, it’s demeaning. Okay serious question, i’m know you’re biased but …do you think it’s positive to teach a little girl,young lady or woman that she is not good enough to be a mans only partner?
    I don’t care what the ‘English’ dictionary says. You wont find morals in a book, especially not a book made by them. If you don’t believe you’re enough for a man what can I say, do your thing.

  23. BlackSapphire8804 says:

    Real Talk!

  24. factsism11 says:

    @BlackSapphire8804 of marriage,just ur own opinion & no where in statistic show that black ppl down fall is polygamy marriages & nor will u convince any1 that marriage & promiscuity is the same,love & building is wut we need not other ppl ideas of marriage.

  25. factsism11 says:

    @BlackSapphire8804 say religion is man made but where did marriage come from?how isnt marriage man made?if u claim its not than show me wut proof u have that its not.i do watch streetconsciousness thats whyim on this channel.but i agree that kids should know that sleeping around is dangerous but its nothing wrong with love & marriage & u will never convince any 1 that marriage is wut u say it is cos any1 that can read & pick up a dictionary will know that ur opinion isnt the real meanin of

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