Excel Magic Trick #230: Dynamic Stock Chart Excel Table List

See how to use the Excel List Table feature to make a dynamic Stock Price Line Chart. Excel 2003 create a List use Ctrl + L. Then the ranges in the table are dynamic. Excel 2007 create a Table use Ctrl + T Then the ranges in the table are dynamic.

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  • I have not. Sorry.

  • Have you ever developed a Point and Figure program that would operate in excel 2003? IM interested in learning but have not found any resource but yours that I feel would be helpful to that end

  • I don’t know. You should post your question to the Mr Excel Message Board:


    Smartest Excel people hang out at that site.

  • How would you hide axis labels if your cells have nothing in them? I want to have dynamic chart that would update automatically with a new data dump. As you shown in a first example I have many future months as empty cells that will be filled later. How can I create a chart that would dynamically display only cells that have value in them?

  • You are welcome!

  • This helped a lot, thank you.

  • You are welcome!

  • thanks

  • I don’t know what you mean by ‘tab hit’. If you are asking if the List feature with dynamic ranges and with using the tab key in the last row to add a new record is in 2003. The answer is yes.

  • thank yuo for all your videos!!!!!!
    is the tab hit work in 2003?

  • Dear lickensiedickenburg,

    You are welcome!


  • thanks a lot!

  • Dear Dave51262,

    You are welcome! I am glad that you like them. I do not know about professional, though – I get many complaints about how I talk (spitting into mic and too enthusiastic and other stuff). But those people are looking a gift-horse in the mouth!


  • Your videos are awesome and so practical! Each one is high quality content and very professionally done. Thanks a lot for these!

  • Dear a12436,

    Not right a way, but later, I will make a video about the waterfall chart. The learn Excel From Mr Excel book (page 628 in the Excel 2003 book) have a great example of this.


  • So cool! Thanks a lot!

    Can u spend a few minutes to explain how to make a “waterfall” chart?

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