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Main Street grabs for the brass ring. Wall Street snatches it away. The Yin and Yang of trading the Stock Markets. Investing, daytrading, gambling. Based on a true story, Jay and Stevy, retail investors, outsiders, battle the insiders, the wolves of Wall Street: The Market Makers, the smart money, the front running brokerage houses, lying Talking Heads, brazen stock manipulators. Against all odds, will they succeed? “This is the incredible story of precisely why human nature is the ultimate enemy of any investor desiring success. As the new millennium approached, the main character was drawn in by the biggest bull market in US history. The magnetic draw of the stock market was at a historic peak, yet in the twilight zone manner, our unsuspecting hero was drawn into the absolute worst time to be an unseasoned investor as the worst-performing decade for equity performance in US history was about to unfold right after he ‘placed his bet’. The story takes you through his incredible journey through the minefield of the financial investment arena and provides a step-by-step horror show of how one man received a priceless education . . . At a remarkable cost.” Garrett Jones– 40+ year Money Manager/Trader. Affiliate with Peter Eliades (Stock Market Cycles Management, INC.) And author of Observations. “Free’s incandescent novel, Confessions of a Day Trader, drew me into its crazy world of stock market finagling just as surely as it does his characters. Ever wonder what makes the market tick? Free’s been there, and he’ll show you–in the most revelatory and, indeed, frightening manner possible.” Jake Fuchs, Novelist: Death of a Dad: The Nursery School Murders; Death of a Prof: The Nursery School Murders; Conrad in Beverly Hills. By Bill P, Corralitos, CA “From Hawaii to Wall Street, parallel games of chance occur over a rocky road. Confessions is a glimpse behind the curtain, a fun, informative and easy read.” By Ronald T, Santa Barbara, CA “Beyond the fascinating, insider details of gambling in Reno and on Wall Street, Confessions of a Day Trader is the detailed and compelling portrait of an addiction that still holds its subject beyond the last page. Recommended reading for all adults.” By Derek B, Oceanside, CA “Great story about the wild and crazy times in the stock markets from the late 90’s until now. Has anything really changed? The market makers are still toying with all of us just like puppets!” By Craig M, La Paz, Mexico “Great story well written. It was worth the time to read and I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this book.”