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Secondary Breakout Levels

[ Mentorship ] Chasing Momo [ Pt.1 ]

[ Mentorship ] Breakout Considerations For Instruments With Momentum

The Ultimate Muathe Breakout [ UMBO ]

Universal Law – Phi – Breakout / Breakdown

Applied Optoelectronics Inc

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4 thoughts on “Daily 2-Minute Chart Study #525: Minimum One Month Of Rest For Momentum Instruments

  1. Guruprasad Pai says:

    Hey Eric, on a similar note, check out CHGG. I think it has also had the ultimate breakout since the beginning of 2017. Can you please confirm?

  2. Guruprasad Pai says:

    Awesome video Eric. Do you see similarities with AAOI's current chart with MNST's bull run from 2002-2006 time frame?

  3. qwer123211 says:

    Hi Eric. I'm sorry I asked question 2 below as after reviewing the video a second time you answered it….foolish me!

  4. qwer123211 says:

    Hi Eric, another quality video! I have two questions: (1) In the past videos, you have used 69.1 as and entry signal and here you use 61.8 (understand the Fib number). How do you decide which to use? (2) You state you wait for one period for a monthly and two periods for a weekly. How many periods do you use for a daily and a 60 minute chart? Thank you!

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