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24 thoughts on “Candlestick analysis Challenge part 2 | analyse Japanese Candlestick and predict

  1. Attention members ,it is not simple as it looks 90 % of you will fail or can't explain properly so do think before answering

  2. Next candle will be red.
    1. it is downtrend,. last 2 candles was strong red and showing us interest of sellers,.
    2. and then two green candles are weak,.and last green candle (hammer) didn't completely cross the level,.so the trend should go down…

    This is just my analize,. hope you will make more challenges like that.,. so we can learn and be good traders 😉

  3. The next candle will be red as in the downtrend, market is likely to keep its motion and as we can see in the picture the support level you have drawn has changed due to the second last candle's wick and the last candle is not being able to cross the level, the market will break the support level and move downwards as red candle and the support will work as a resistance level.

  4. The upcoming candle will be red due to following reasons,
    1)As it is a downtrend so market is likely to follow its trend.
    2)The support area will behave like a resistance area.
    3)It looks like that the very last hammer has crossed the level but it has not because the level has increased as the previous candle right before hammer has a very small wick which shows the increment in the level.

  5. According to my analysis next candle should be red… Reason is it is a downtrend, and last green candle body closed below the previous green candle wick..and also last red candle is a strong one. Means there is more seller than buyer on this area still… so answer is , it a Red candle.

  6. Kaushik Dana says:

    the last candle closed above the the top line of support but below the wick of last candle so even if the pattern showing up move the mkt will comdwon below the band up move will fail … next candle will be down

  7. As its general trend is down and support does not look that much strong and another reason to be a next candle red is last candle failed to cross above newly created resistance. According to my analysis which I have learned here, it would be a red one.

  8. 1- last red candle wick makes new support level.
    2- last green candle not crossed previous candle wick.
    3- As its down trend, Next candle will be go down.

  9. next candle should be a red BCOZ
    1st- its a down trend
    2nd- there are very strong 2 red candles.
    3rd – After touching support level we show 2 green candle but first green candle show a rejection and 2nd green candel didn't cross that area. That means sellers are waiting that area .so my vote for a red candle.

  10. Helen says:

    1. Candle will be red. 2.downtrend so good to place PUT trades 3. red candle closed at support and could not break it 4. next candle reversed from the support area but closed within the support area. the wick of the candle should be taken into account and is now the new resistance level for the current market . 5. next candle (hammer) closed within the wick space of the previous candle and could not break past that level. the hammer also has a tiny wick at the top showing sellers still in the area, therefore the next candle will be red

  11. Ajay Larokar says:

    Market would go down from here with red candle.
    If we see prior 2 candles, we see tough fight between buyers and sellers. Upper wick of candles show that sellers are indeed getting stronger with every candle. Although last candle managed to close just above support but if we see closely, there is a very small wick at the top suggesting rejection from top by sellers. Hence, next candle can only go down breaching support LINE…no other way…!!!

  12. umed singh says:

    1. Its a down trend
    2. The second last candle was green but ended between the area of support and resistance
    3. The last candle was green but didn’t cross the wick of the previous candle
    4. The support has been tested thrice, so it will be broken this time

    For the above reasons, it will be a red candle

  13. Chris Benoit says:

    The next candle will be red for these resons
    1. resistance area has been increased as depicted by the wick of the green candle.Therefore resistance area has not been crossed.
    2.The market is in a down trend so the probability that the next candle to be red is higher.

  14. David Chomca says:

    The next candle will be red. We can see a downtrend and we can also notice that there has just been formed a new lower high with the wicks at the top. Sellers are back in the game and push the price lower with 2 big red candles and creates a new lower low. The next green candle is closing below newly formed resistance and the last green candle is a good indication that the buyers dont have so much power to push it more up as we can see that the body od the last candle can fit into the wick of the previous candle. There is usually reversal after this pattern if we follow the trend.

  15. Respected Sir,

    Answer is that next one is Red candle because support is now resistant and the green candle dose not cross the resistance and also trend is down so many chances to red one, but may be some chance to pinbar candle too.

  16. Forex M says:

    Support level touches the green candle the body of green candle is low compare to red candle ,wick is there ,it means seller activate compare to buyer , Its come up next candle green but above the support level n next green candle wick is big compare to body . its means its going some extend of up and again come down .why? because the more seller active there to push it down .

  17. siva raj says:

    RED Candle.
    1. Overall downtrend
    2. Even though it is a Green Hammer and having small wick at the top, indicates sellers are trying to push the market down.
    3. Most important the Green Hammer didn't close above the previous candle wick. so market still under the control of sellers.

  18. red candle because there is a wick underneath the last green candle and also due to strong down trend …..

  19. Harris P says:

    1)Its a down trend
    2)The Big red candle broke the support , (it passed the body of the previous support candle) and created a new support level
    3)The two big red candles are strong candles showing the market will probably go down
    4)The Red candle got support at the new support level and the next candle is green, it touched previous resistance and created a wick
    5)last green candle not able to broke the resistance
    6) So the Next candle will surely go down –Red Candle.

  20. Vivek Pj says:

    next candle will be RED, because its a downtrend and after the red bearish candle it reversed from the support with a green candle with a wick and the next green candle couldn't go above the previous candles wick even though there is buyers pressure so the next is sure RED AND IT MAY CROSS THE SUPPORT WITH A BIG RED CANDLE

  21. anwar sadath says:

    The market will go down because 3 reason 1. Before 2 Red candles are strong 2. Green candles are very week 3. second green candle not cross the first green candle seller or rejection area ( Please clear if my view is not correct )

  22. I don't have much experience. But i am trying my best to analyse.
    1- It's down trend market So Buyer want to enter on support level.
    2- And that's why price start going up on strong support.
    3- But last 2 red candles very strong and it's showing seller are more than buyer. That's why last 2 green candles have small body with wicks.
    4- Last green candle body not able to cross wick of previous green candle and it's showing next candle will go down.

    So my answer next candle will go down to break the support or retest the support because buyers pressure is less than seller pressure…

  23. I think that the market will continue to go down. Despite the rejection in the last candle, the previous 3 candles show us that there's still pressure and a large volume of sellers present. Also, the shadow on the penultimate marks a resistance, that I don't believe that it's going to be crossed.

  24. kotakGAME says:

    i think dawn candle red candle, cause it's not stong support and and i see first green candle have rejection from seller but the last greed candle have rejection from buyer and the last green candle close above te support bat not close above te rejection from first green candle and i see the red candle so strong and it's down tren and i think the candle will be more down… thank you

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