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How to read candlestick stock charts
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Technically, a doji candlestick is any day with the same opening and closing prices, or where the open and close values are very close to each other so that the difference is not visible in the chart. When the gap becomes reasonably wide and clearly

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Rudy asks in this post Use a mouse hovering technique to create an interactive chart: Is it possible to create this interactive chart into interactive.

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Learning How to Read Stock Charts Using Candlestick Signalsl. The Doji Signal? Learning how to read stock charts can be a very simple process.

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Reading candlestick charts is and effective way to study the emotions of other traders and to interpret price.

Understanding Candlestick Charts – Stockpickr – Your Source for Stock Ideas
While the simple line chart (which graphs a stock‘s price over time as a single, horizontal line) may be the most well-understood chart type, it’s far from the best. Taking a look at a candlestick chart like the one above, the stock‘s overall price movement is fairly easy to spot, much like in a line chart.