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Candlesticks Vol 1 - Candlestick DesignCandlesticks Vol 1 – Candlestick Design
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Various types of bar charts depict stock price movements
Economic Times, on Sun, 26 May 2013 20:45:16 -0700
In a candlestick chart, the remaining portion, that is, the part other than the body marked in green or red, is depicted as thin lines. These are commonly known as shadows, wicks or tails. One can see these shadows as small lines extending out of the

Different H4 and H8 candlestick chart at FXCM than others
I noticed that the candlestick from H4 and H8 are different in Marketscope charts from FXCM than others (OANDA or http://www.myfxbook.com/ ) Even if I.


INDUN/A  chartN/A
NASDAQ5445.68  chart-1.75
S&P 5002260.72  chart-0.24
NFLX125.6653  chart+0.0853
INTC36.8234  chart-0.1066
BIDU163.74  chart+0.85
AAPL116.08  chart-0.21
BA157.30  chart-0.16
POT18.27  chart+0.14
SA7.70  chart+0.25
PFE32.405  chart+0.065
DIA198.81  chart-0.16
CHK7.42  chart+0.08
QQQQN/A  chart+0
SBUX56.985  chart-0.125
01-01-1970 00:00