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How to find support and resistance using the Point and Figure chart.

16 thoughts on “Basic Stock Chart Reading Lesson #2

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  2. bhills73 says:

    great? a help full, i have watched it seral time and most likey will again a coupple more times, thank you

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  6. Venkatachalam Ravindran says:

    good? explanation. many are not aware of this type of chart

  7. 92tybaron says:

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  8. MIND9988T says:

    Thanks a? lot. Best wishes

  9. chagso336 says:

    thanks, really appreciate the lesson?

  10. Zhivko Gorchev says:

    very helpful,? thank you! very poor sound though…

  11. Zhivko Gorchev says:

    very helpfull, thank you! very poor sound though.? :/

  12. JohnFrancis25 says:

    You? are very polite & helpful.

  13. W11DD says:

    your the one who doesn’t know shit…, Rae is one of the best chartists around.., you would? be wise to learn from her.

  14. W11DD says:

    Dont listen to those shitheads that are saying bad things.. we know how good you are. we miss you. ? give us a buzz sometime.

  15. Conrad Weis says:

    u dont know shit sound? me like you need some dick in your azz hahahaha

  16. Dexcat08 says:

    Thank you very much. Your explanation was worded slowly which allowed? me to grasp your meaning.

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