Understanding the “Hanging Man”: The Optimistic Candlestick Pattern

From Investopedia Understanding the “Hanging Man”: The Optimistic Candlestick Pattern Investopedia, on Thu, 10 Apr 2014 08:09:43 -0700 The hanging man is a type of candlestick – a chart that displays the high, low, opening and closing prices for a security for a single day. Candlesticks reflect the impact of investors’ emotions on security prices […]

Candlestick Charting Basics January

Here are some videos to help you understand the basics of candlestick charts. 14 01 Candlestick Charting Basics   Candlesticks Vol 1 – Candlestick Design http://www.YourTradingCoach.com Candlestick Charting – Vol 1 – Candlestick Design.   How to Read Candlestick Charts Basic charting skills and how to read a candlesticks www.thestockgarage.com.   Related Posts:Understanding the “Hanging […]

Candlestick Charting Explained

This section discusses only a few of the scores of candlestick chart patterns. There are many important candlestick patterns and trading tactics not discussed in this basic introduction. The goal of this section is to illustrate how candlesticks (and especially Nison candlesticks) can open new and unique tools for technical analysis, but since this is […]

Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts

The Encyclopedia of Candlestick Charts has everything you will want to know about Candlestick Charts. This is the go-to guide on the subject of candlestick charting. You will learn what each and every candlestick means and why sometimes they don’t do what you expect. When to use certain signals for trading and when to stay […]

Dow posts 50th record high close for 2013

Dow posts 50th record high close for this year Arizona Republic, on Thu, 26 Dec 2013 13:22:30 -0800 NEW YORK – The stock market continued its upward climb Thursday as traders went back to work after the Christmas holiday, adding to what has already been a historic year for the market. Traders were encouraged by […]