5 Chart Patterns: For Consistent Profits

Chart patterns are undeniably one of your most powerful tools when trading the financial markets. This book is your plain-English guide filled with practical advice and contains the insight of a professional trader and best-selling author. This concise guide outlines the five most profitable and...
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INDUN/A  chartN/A
NASDAQ5257.49  chart-48.26
S&P 5002146.10  chart-18.59
QQQQN/A  chartN/A
INTC36.65  chart-0.54
EBAY31.67  chart-0.40
BIDU188.86  chart-2.86
SBUX54.04  chart-0.39
XL33.88  chart-0.34
MAR67.15  chart-1.29
CHH45.58  chart-1.00
SPY214.24  chart-1.75
DIA180.75  chart-1.67
PFE33.64  chart-0.62
PCXN/A  chartN/A
01-01-1970 00:00