Tiger Stocks

?Free & Real-time?All your favorite stocks are just one-click away! Access free real-time quote whenever you want.?Technical Analysis?Full suite of chart overlays and indicators give you a comprehensive technical analysis.?ETFs?Selected ETFs trailing global assets, e.g. indices, commodities and currencies.?Pre market and after hours?Pre market and...
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Millionaire Trader’s Dictionary of Candlesticks

Written by the multimillionaire trader and best-selling author Thomas Buglowski, this book is a follow up to his widely successful “3 Chart Patterns That Made Me A Millionaire”. There are thousands of chart patterns that you can learn when trading stocks, but the foundation for...
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INDUN/A  chartN/A
NASDAQ5180.97  chart-76.43
S&P 5002141.16  chart-0.18
SA11.25  chart-0.12
XL33.50  chart-0.12
INTC35.15  chart-0.28
GLD120.83  chart+0.09
AAPL116.60  chart-0.46
QQQQN/A  chartN/A
MSFT59.66  chart+2.41
DIA181.22  chart-0.13
CHK6.68  chart-0.23
NOVLN/A  chartN/A
PFE32.18  chart-0.36
MON102.07  chart-0.79
01-01-1970 00:00